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Dispatch of world oil net: Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government develops innovation appoint, company of prices bureau, power, inspect of report of bureau of inspect of each area report, town does, company of company of national electrified wire netting, southern electrified wire netting, china can, big the Tang Dynasty, report of China report, state, medium report joins group company, national development invests company of company, divine China group:

To alleviate firepower generates electricity battalion of already of look forward to is difficult, make sure normal electric power produces management order, be in business national report inspect is met, the decision raises firepower to generate electricity appropriately level of enterprise online electrovalency.

Inform concerned item as follows now:
One, rise from August 20, 2008, generate electricity countrywide firepower (contain coal fired, fuel, light gas to generate electricity to be produced with pyroelectricity couplet) enterprise online electrovalency is average every kilowatt hour raises money 2 minutes, online electrovalency synchronism adjusts surveyor's pole of coal fired aircrew. Each province (area, city) firepower of electrified wire netting generates electricity level of price of attune of enterprise online electrovalency, rise in price according to this area coal the circumstance is affirmatory, the specific standard that raise price sees subordinate list.

2, cross a province (area, city) of power transmission generate electricity enterprise online electrovalency raises price level,
Generate electricity according to area getting report the enterprise carries price level on average to decide. Among them: Every kilowatt hour raises price of province of Guizhou, Yunnan and power transmission of Xiang Andong of power plant of river of Hunan Province carp 2.1 minutes money; Every kilowatt hour raises price of power transmission of net of Tang Dian of Xiang Jingjin of province of northeast area, Shanxi, Nei Monggol Autonomous Region 2 minutes money; Heilongjiang province saves power transmission value to Liaoning every kilowatt hour raises money 2 minutes; Shanxi visits power plant of in relief city one, 2 period the project saves power transmission value to Jiangsu every kilowatt hour raises money 2.5 minutes; Shaanxi visits power plant of bright and beautiful group to price of power transmission of Heibei south electrified wire netting every kilowatt hour raises money 2 minutes. Area of Inner Mongolia the eastpart part saves power transmission price to carry price level to adjust according to company of phone of 3 provinces fire respectively to Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning. “ Anhui report east send ” n state monopoly for purchase and marketing of company of You Huadong electrified wire netting, online electrovalency is every kilowatt hour 0.408 yuan; Transmit electricity price is every kilowatt hour 3.4 minutes money; Rate of transmit electricity loss is 2% . Tube-shaped part of cut of line of contact of company of Hua Dong electrified wire netting sells electrovalency base price to adjust for every kilowatt hour 0.3637 yuan.
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