Department of Commerce gifts oil of 6 companies finished product is wholesale ma

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According to report of Xinhua News Agency, a few days ago, department of Commerce gifts branch of wall of crane of Henan of Inc. of natural gas of head office of trade of economy of international of fierce steel group, China oil, Shaanxi lengthens indifferent new energy resources oil of treasure of Xin of finite liability company, Yunnan tastes sea of limited company, Zhejiang to jump over city of Inc. , Daqing long grand is careful chemical limited company.

In addition, department of Commerce still gifts petrifaction of Nantong open letter store carry oily storage of limited company finished product manages a qualification; Gift business of company of finite liability company, group of Chinese oil natural gas lays in Daqing oil field qualification of selling operation of oily branch crude oil; Gift storage of crude oil of oily branch of reserve of business of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas manages a qualification.

Department of Commerce cancels song of court of Henan Qi county at the same time oil of finished product of petro-chemical limited company is wholesale management qualification.

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