Department of Commerce gifts storage of crude oil of company of reserve of the 3

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Dispatch of world oil net: Department of Commerce is newest announcement, gift sale of crude oil of oily branch of reserve of business of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas and storage manage a qualification. This is in the Department of Commerce at the beginning of this year June first degrees gift business of oil of finite liability company and Chinese petrifaction group lays in base of reserve of oil of nation of Dalian of —— of company of base of two oil reserve storage of two crude oil runs limited company after the qualification, the 3rd piece of crude oil that to oil reserve company gives out lays in license plate. Nevertheless, this in branch of oil business oil storage still obtained crude oil to sell right at the same time.

Analytic personage expresses, as in recent years international oil price circles in perch, china is laid in to oil nation and the pace of commercial reserve construction also is being accelerated ceaselessly, besides in oil, medium petrifaction regards main operation as main body outside, also attracting tycoon of partial international storage to pay close attention to Chinese market opportunity more.

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