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Dispatch of world oil net: Department of Commerce allotted an announcement a few days ago, the market after business affairs of requirement each district is in charge of a branch to make the shift on case of oil price of good finished product moves adjusting control to work, cogent safeguard the market to move smoothly.

Announcement requirement, oil of the commissariat after each district business affairs is in charge of a branch to want to master the attune on oil price in time, edible, flesh kind, the main necessaries of life such as vegetable and price of significant production data are fluctuant circumstance, strengthen the current link such as bazaar of terminal market, free market of agricultural products, supermarket, general merchandise to supervise an examination, take strict precautions against borrow machine force up price, build a car to rise in price, covert rise in price, uphold market order. Advocate current business to perform social duty actively, dig in-house latent capacity, reduce management cost, hard case of spueeze the price of commodity, utmost ground reduces convection of the attune on case of finished product oil price to know the effect of link price level.

The announcement returns a requirement, branch of director of each district commerce is built and perfect a place to lay in a system, strengthen the reserve establishment construction such as refrigeratory, fundamental goods reserve manages aggrandizement daily. The current business such as bazaar of directive terminal market, supermarket, general merchandise organizes Xiaobao actively to install rice, face, oil and flesh, birds, egg to wait for fundamental goods supply of goods, reserve of one part lash-up increases appropriately on the base that production, current business wants to keeping regular management stock, cogent improve fundamental goods urgent the quick response ability that allocate and transport and puts in.

The announcement emphasizes, should fulfil market of necessaries of life to supply meet an urgent need further beforehand case and special beforehand case, accelerate build city, county two class beforehand case. Each district wants a foundation actual condition, beforehand buy is necessary measure, ensure the consumptive demand of special group.

In addition, the announcement still is solved fresh produce sells waited for field work hard to make deploy. Business affairs of requirement each district is in charge of a branch to open platform of butt joint of produce and sale, provide information of supply and marketing, purchase the service such as dispatch. Harmonious place traffic carries a section, cogent implement policy of ” of “ green passageway, for fresh produce suitable flow communicates creation advantage.

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