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Dispatch of world oil net: After style of finished product oil price is whole, increased freight of guest of highway, canalage to be defeated by cost accordingly. The health that is stimulative traffic carrying trade develops, on June 27, the country develops innovation appoint, Department of Transportation of the Ministry of finance, traffic allots " announcement " , ask various price, finance, traffic is in charge of a branch to unite a leader to fall in local Party committee, government, cooperate closely, take step of integrated form a complete set, alleviate the influence of carrying trade of pairs of style of finished product oil price is whole traffic, control the chain-reacting that oil price adjusts strictly.

" announcement " emphasize, each district should implement allowance policy stoutly, ensure the city is public transportation, rural way passenger transport (the border that contain an island and rural canalage passenger transport) , taxi freight rate is stable, must not raise freight rate with any reason rise or coverting. Fix a price to executing a government or the highway passenger traffic of governmental guidance price (do not contain rural way passenger transport) , can mix through building perfect freight rate and mechanism of linkage of case of finished product oil price, bear in state of mature market supply and demand and society ability, below the premise of consumer of making overall plans and take all factors into consideration and operator interest, reasonable dredge freight rate is contradictory. The enterprise should manage through improvement, reduce the measure such as cost to digest cost to add, forbidden cost is moved to add an extent to build a car to rise in price on oil price more than. Wait for traffic to carry the price to executing the road freight transport of market adjustment price, canalage guest freight to be defeated, also should strengthen monitor superintend, check operator exceeds cost to add an extent to build a car to rise in price in time.

" announcement " requirement, each district should continue to increase clear consolidate the working strength that involves traffic to carry an industry to collect fees. Cancel stoutly unreasonable collect fees project, lower the rate of on the high side. Each district but according to actual condition, to relevant traffic carriage operator gives derate to collect fees favourable policy, reduce carriage cost hard, reduce operator burden. Should fulfil pair of truckload and lawful outfit to carry carriage vegetable, live pig to wait seriously fresh the policy of ” of “ green passageway of produce car; The car of aseismatic to be being carried to seismic disaster area goods and materials providing disaster relief executes the pass by that avoid capture to cross the bridge to expend favourable policy. Each district is returned but according to actual condition, the promotion of pike of car of line of passenger transport class that runs to deciding a line regularly executes monthly ticket or year the ticket is made, execute big client privilege. Finished product oil manages an enterprise to want to sign agreement of long-term supply and marketing with professional transportation enterprises, preferential safeguard carries oil of finished product of car, marine to supply to money of customer of highway, canalage. Each district should strengthen the management of pair of carriage markets, continue to increase blow strength of job of illegal battalion movement, uphold normal market order. To occurrence problem and contradiction, want to take effective measures in time to dissolve, maintain traffic to carry market stability hard.
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