Department of Commerce: 6 companies of domestic obtain finished product oil whol

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According to " administration allows a law " and " method of finished product oily market control " (Department of Commerce makes 2006 the 23rd) concerned regulation, classics examine and verify, the stone in deciding oil of the iron in the oil in gifting tastes sale limited company, Shandong gets the better of China oil to taste city of sale limited company, black sea greatly oily liquid gas lays in Tietongshi the finite liability company, city that connect distant Jiulongshi.

Gift Shanghai east is storage tank limited company, medium the 2 companies finished product such as limited company of sale of oil of treasure mountain of Le Mengyuan of Guo of petrifaction group Xi Lin is oily storage manages a qualification.
Cancel Qinghai gold Xin the oil of finished product of a company such as company of petro-chemical finite liability is wholesale management qualification.
Cancel Dalate banner brine line of business invests finite liability company to wait for oily storage of finished product of a company to manage a qualification.

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Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Two years on September 3

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