In card futures: Big environment has oil of sure sign of look forward to city is

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After the plan that help city is passed, the United States published a concrete executive step yesterday, buy the share that has problem bank with 250 billion dollar, throw first 125 billion to 9 big banks, continue to make sure the short-term loan between the bank is smooth at the same time with deposit safety. American stock market leaves high low go, meanwhile LIBOR also appears fall after a rise, the capital between indication bank begins flow, it is a good appearance. Big environment begins two days this to have stable sign, commodity market also ended the impetus that general drops, begin occurrence become divided. Crude oil was behaved yesterday bad, return 80 lower part again, dish in not too decent rebound, finished product oil is behaved a little a bit better. Domestic fuel is oily (information, prices) the bull after open quotation harden left actively yesterday open stop board, report rises confidence is not sturdy also, round-the-clock decrease a storehouse 23% , predict subsequently a few days also are done not have too much directional, overall still slant empty.

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