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Zhou Er of contract of the fuel that reach place suffers crude oil to carry brace up, small rebound. Harden of brunt agreement open quotation, half bell is rear ability unlock, concussion goes low later, slow down, end city closes in 3450 yuan / ton, go up 2.89% ; Dish inside clinch a deal to measure and maintain a warehouse the quantity all decreases considerably.

Quote of fuel of Zhouer of market of yellow Bu fuel continues to reduce reach 4360 yuan / ton. Major importer expresses, euramerican the news of Ou Peike reduction of output that helps city and future is tiny to impact of current and short-term market, market confidence is insufficient still, wait-and-see mood is grumous.

International crude oil

The stock market drops greatly deepen the market to be opposite the worry of prospective economy, hit thereby control oil price, zhou Er of futures of NYMEX crude oil closes low, brunt agreement drops 3.15% , close in 78.63 dollars / bucket; ICE11 month agreement also falls defeat 3.78% , close in 74.53 dollars / bucket.

American stock market drops demonstrative market still supports pessimistic attitude to the foreground of economic future, this brought about Zhou Er of crude oil futures directly go low.

The investor of crude market thinks, the stock market just just just began to affect oil price directly recently, and crude oil demand of the United States has lasted a few months drops. The analyst reduces oil price of 9 years to anticipate considerably in succession recently, this explains everybody thinks, although financial domain is worst,the period of cake has gone, crude oil demand also won't restore quickly. Most analyst predicts, crude oil demand wants second half of the year to just can restore.

City is looked into after

Financial crisis is far-reaching to the influence of the market, show what level helps municipal plan as each country government to roll out, the stock market and oily city are acuteness and fluctuant, those who indicated market confidence is flimsy with can't bear biff. But although everybody is right,prospective economy weighs model confidence, of economy anabiosis still remain time, the refreshment of crude oil demand criterion more should when 9 years the ability after second half of the year arises likely. Climate of long-term be issued to lower levels is constant in oil price.

Shanghai fuel near future takes situation flowing rhythm, short line may be grabbed rebound do many times, in long-term nominal train of thought is changeless.

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