Big China futures: 250 billion dollar of American helps city, crude oil continue

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On October 14, shanghai fuel is oily (information, prices) FU0812 closes at 3450, relatively on price of day settle accounts rises 97, the quantity that maintain a warehouse decreases 13224 to 44902 hands.

Price of settle accounts of futures of NYMEX12 month crude oil closes drop 2.73 dollars, to every pails of 78.95 dollars, trade interval uprights 78.66-85.28 dollar.

[spot market]

Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency is occupied on spot market on October 14 message, zhou Yixin adds fat spot price of slope 180CST fuel to sign up for 432.41 dollars, relatively before one trade day drops 10.82 dollars / ton; 380CST fuel fat spot price is 423.05 dollars, relatively before one trade day drops 10.13 dollars / ton. Domestic fuel fat spot price keeps stable mostly, but inside course of study still the city after be expected to fall, wait-and-see state of mind is greater, clinch a deal the situation is very not ideal.

[message face]

1.Department of Commerce was released a few days ago 2008 the 80th announcement, clear our country crude oil was not state trading to import allowance to be 22 million tons 2009. Every accords with conditional crude oil to import an unit, the administration of entrance of main industrial product that all can pass accredit of Department of Commerce, foreign trader invests an enterprise to entrance administration offers application or offer application to Department of Commerce directly.

2.Information of the sources of energy of general family name (a when Platts) announced a few days ago investigation about Oupeike and oil industry official shows, europe admire overcomes 13 members country the crude oil day September all crop is 32.47 million pails, relatively dropped August 340 thousand pails, mirror those who give Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Angola yield to drop.

3.According to Beijing on October 14 message, chinese custom Zhou Er announces data to say, volume of crude oil import was in September 1, 5.03 million tons (3.66 million tons / day) , relatively on year the corresponding period increases about 10% . Oil of 1-9 month finished product is imported 3, 1.28 million tons, rise 16.5%; 1-9 month compared to the same period, chinese crude oil imports gross to be 135 million tons, grow 8.8% compared to the same period, it is 140 million tons.

4.The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Zhou Er expresses, OPEC 13 is planted crude oil is package crude oil consults price week drops 0.71 dollars, to every pails of 71.96 dollars.

[investment is analysed]

Will integratedly look, futures of NYMEX crude oil closing quotation drops yesterday, because the bank saves a plan to fail to dispel the worry of pair of company profit, the market predicts the demand inside prospective a few months is fatigued and weak, although American government stopped rate of economic be issued to lower levels successfully,deepen.

At present FU0812 agreement still has space of be issued to lower levels, long term investor with wait-and-see give priority to. Short line is tall between 3290——3470 inside day cast low suck.
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