Wide Cheng futures: Shanghai oil is short-term rebound the space suffers be rest

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Futures of crude oil of NYMEX of of the previous night rebounds close tall, suffer the stock market to rise carry brace up, europe is multilateral note endowment help city confidence of greatly incentive market, that evening the whole world is main stock index go up in succession raise, commodity futures all rebounds tall, crude oil period closed about in November tall 3.49 dollars come 81.19 dollars / bucket, hit for a time to economic depression worry before this press the defeat below oil price to 77.09 dollars / the bucket comes for nearly 13 months lowest, OPEC is very tall to the cry of the reduction of output on next month conference, reduction of output anticipates stock market of have the aid of rebounds drive oil price to rise, at present oil price returns 80 dollars over, as to the space that rebounds this and strength
Still remain to observe.

Zhou Erhu oily concussion closes tall. Early dish of Fu0812 is early dish jump to leave high for nothing, dish first leave high tall, highest go up explore 3520, go up subsequently cut, small afternoon fall after a rise, end city receives a reply 3450 go up 97 a little bit, clinch a deal considerably atrophic, the acute that maintain a warehouse reduces 13224 hands. Shanghai oily concussion closes now tall, outside sufferring dish crude oil rises carry brace up, but Shanghai oil leaves high fail to continue go up, dish the side opens fall after a rise high, upper part all the line still squelchs period price, shanghai oil rebounds to 5 days all after the line bear press low, hold a storehouse to be decreased greatly, much sheet stops caustic dish Shanghai of be a burden on is oily, short-term rebound the space suffers be restricted.

Operate a proposal, if be defeated on the price 3600, early days empty sheet can gain profit temporarily finish.

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