In city futures: Crude oil return oil of 80 dollars Shanghai stops drop rebound

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Zhou Er, suffer price of futures of crude oil of of the previous night to close to be carried high brace up, shanghai fuel is oily (information, prices) futures each contract is early dish jump to leave high for nothing in succession. Among them, FU0812 of agreement of Shanghai oily brunt is early touch quickly with 3501 yuan of open quotation hind harden board, after lasting for some time, stop board open, fall after a rise of period price shock, lowermost explore reachs 3426 yuan, eventually dish with 3450 yuan the newspaper closes, relatively settle accounts price rises yesterday 97 yuan / ton, go up amount to 2.89% . Clinch a deal now quantity relatively Zhou Yi somewhat atrophic, day decreases a storehouse considerably 13224 hands.
On main area, with beautiful couplet store main Central Bank saves the west that head before clean again yesterday city measure, couplet is in the beauty store acceptance does not have what upper limit provides dollar exchange to assist below, area of England, euro and Swiss Central Bank all announce, will not set upper limit to offer dollar financing to the financial orgnaization of respective home henceforth, aim to stabilize the short-term financing market that still is critical. The United States and European government are dedicated to supporting the move of exhausted weak banking, the demand that burned crude oil again is looked into, the price of futures of light qualitative crude of consign closed Comex of of the previous night November tall 3.49 dollars come every pails of 81.19 dollars, temporary stanch dropping footstep. Additionally the message says, target of price of the end of the year of futures of crude oil of United States of Gao Cheng general is reduced considerably from every pails of 115 dollars control to 70 dollars, warn say: “ if this finance and economic crisis weaken demand further, oil price lowest may fall to 50 dollars, we think this is the cost of oil industry and line of unripe keep a file copy. ”

Respect of merchandise on hand, according to integrated dispatches from foreign news agency on October 14 message, zhou Yixin adds fat spot price of slope 180CST fuel to sign up for 432.41 dollars, relatively before one trade day drops 10.82 dollars / ton; 380CST fuel fat spot price is 423.05 dollars, relatively before one trade day drops 10.13 dollars / ton. Domestic fuel fat spot price keeps stable mostly, but inside course of study still the city after be expected to fall, wait-and-see state of mind is greater, clinch a deal the situation is very not ideal.

On the operation, because option market of near future commodity is much emptier the element is concomitant, capital pass in and out is relatively frequent, market risk is bigger, the proposal had better not leave storehouse of of the previous night, empty sheet can leave stage by stage.

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