NYMEX commented on on October 14: Crude oil futures closes drop, the stock marke

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According to new York on October 14 message, closing quotation of Zhou Er of futures of NYMEX crude oil drops, because the bank saves a plan to fail to dispel the worry of pair of company profit, the market predicts the demand inside prospective a few months is fatigued and weak, although American government stopped rate of economic be issued to lower levels successfully,deepen.
New York time on October 14 13:30(Beijing time on October 15 2:30) , price of settle accounts of futures of NYMEX11 month crude oil drops 2.56 dollars or 3.15% , to every pails of 78.63 dollars, trade interval uprights at 78.31-84.83 dollar.

ICE Bulante contract closed crude oil futures in November drop 2.93 dollars or 3.78% , settle accounts price signs up for 74.53 dollars, hand in cast interval to be 74.26-80.74 dollar.

Oil price and stock market go closely related situation, two markets all weigh defeat last week, after soaring since the plan of Zhou Yi stock market helping city because of American government nevertheless, crude oil futures goes tall likewise. But of both go up a disequilibrium, rose since Dow-jones Average Zhou Wu 9% , crude oil futures rises only 1% .

Zhou Er of index of road industry fining jade drops 76.62 a little bit or 0.82% , newspaper 9, 310.99 bits.

Crude market participator points out, the stock market begins to affect oil price directly in the near future only, because the crude oil demand since American a few months drops all the time. Analyst near future was reduced considerably 2009 oil price beforehand appraise, when although financial industry is worst,be being alluded, end, very few also somebody thinks demand will pick up quickly.

Iran steps hertz Er news service (Zhou Er of Mehr News Agency) covers, iran is stationed in a the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) appeals on behalf of Mohammad Ali Khatibi each oil produces a country to cooperate in order to solve " of crisis of " of current oil market, create balance of supply and demand for the market.

Analyst beforehand appraise, the stock of a week United States that announces at Zhou Si data will show crude oil and oily product inventory increase.

RBOB gasoline futures closed in November low 3.28 cent or 1.71% , sign up for 1.8848 dollars, hand in cast interval to be in 1.8800-1.9990 dollar.

Warmed oneself in November oily futures drops 8.13 cent or 3.47% , settle accounts price signs up for every gallon 2.2597 dollars, dish in hand in cast interval to be in 2.2539-2.4200 dollar.

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