"God 7 " the spacefarer gives exposure of experiment of material of the aerospac

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Besides release companion flying moonlet, researcher returns material of space of the aerospace outside explaining —— of another main task to finish to giving the spacefarer of cabin to expose an experiment. The spacefarer will have been been in by installation when blast off the sample of solid lubricant material outside cabin gets off, bring back the ground.

In blasting off according to wine spring satellite, heart head Cui Jijun expresses, the spacefarer gives cabin time make choice of to be in god 7 after blasting off the following day afternoon 4: 30 undertake. So, “ is taken in the spacefarer in one's hand in before, this kind of material exposed 43.5 hours or so in already outer outer space. ” Gu Yidong expresses, because airship is outer,this is the roam in aerospace, the consideration of time will be calculated with the orbit time with circuitous airship.
Gu Yidong introduces: “ spacefarer is in after giving cabin, will pull through solving a lock to carry, take 80 experimental sample outside airship in one's hand in, bring back return cabin inside, bring back the ground finally. ”

It is reported, by the god the data of 7 this kind of space that carry have 4 kinds big in all 7 kinds. Experimental purpose is for the data that reveals these through aerospace the lab that brings back the ground has chemical research, observation space environment is right the action of material, still will have they and area the material of imitate experiment undertakes contrast at the same time. Gu Yidong expresses, the liquid state lubricant that uses in this kind of special lubricant material and contemporary and daily life is different, it is lubricant of a kind of solid, have very strong microtherm sex. Because lubricate,material is used in modern life very general, how does this experiment use research the special function of dimensional material, if can be applied at civil industry, will rise greatly energy-saving the efficiency that decreases a platoon. “ is used at the car for instance, we had been calculated, the fuel that can save 2 % about is oily, can save one year for the country so below 200 - 30 billion yuan. ”

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