Finished product oily market is daily on September 27 wall bulletin

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Finished product oily market is daily wall bulletin 20080927 (market of river of international, Hua Na, Hua Dong, edge) fast newspaper

3 ground add international authority (on September 26)

Add authority on one day to increase advantageous position now this valuation cardinal number of period attune price goes up drop metabolic ratio

Benzine 110.047 109.692 110.759 59.553 51.206 85.98%

Derv 125.945 126.814 125.304 57.252 68.052 118.86%

Integrated 107.23%

[Singapore international market is commented]

Naphtha / benzine:

The Asia pledges heat up in a steamer divides oil price case to drop gently, futures of follow international crude oil drops situation.

Naphtha datum plane lasts dim, at present the price difference between the month is the widest level since a few months. Market face is fatigued and weak, put in merchandise on hand to purchase scarcely. Company of Japanese Mitsui chemistry plans to be in end is right in October device of 1000 leaves splitting decomposition has by a definite date about 10 days jockey the overhaul, because appear mechanical failure. Accordingly, this company cancels to purchase in November naphtha freight.

The head of Cheng Shi of complete heat up in a steamer that oily company tries to offer 75 thousand tons of immediate delivery in is oily, because get downstream profit not beautiful influence, had cut start working rate, one trafficker says.

Respect of merchandise on hand, housing card buys two boats freight of the half moon on December, buy to BP and housing card company respectively, the price is 835 dollars / ton with 837 dollars / ton.

Difference of price of half-moon to falling in December half moon is 13.5 dollars / ton.

The market participates in a personage to express, benzine freight was installed at least 60 thousand tons in September in the sale later, asian trafficker plans to sold more benzine freight to reach Mexico October. A ship broker expresses, “Challenge Prelude” tanker is booked 30 thousand tons of benzine reached shipment on October 15 the United States on the west the coast, next have a change of luck goes to Mexico.

Benzine is propped up continuously; Vietnam Petrolimex company begs the book that buy mark to buy benzine freight through the fourth quarter with high premium price. Arcadia buys 92# gas from BP company, the price is 106 dollars / bucket, 22-26 day was arrived at in October.

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