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Our country regulation needs to examine chemical product has 9 kinds

1, chemical fertilizer kind. Include urea, ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate, sodium chloride, phosphate, potassium nitrate deputy ammonium yield sulfur, compound fertilizer, its examine the content that content has ammonia, phosphor, Potassium, granuality, moisture, impurity, colour and lustre whether to accord with a contract to ask. Because amount of entrance chemical fertilizer is large, inspection agency must send a person to ascend annulus after sampling, chase batch of proper motion to examine or jointly with consignee combined inspection.

2, pesticide kind. Include insecticide, antiseptic, herbicide, rodenticide to wait, because entrance pesticide is a lot of more phyletic, use commercial name mostly so. After entrance pesticide arrives, by sampling inspection of orgnaization of port trade supervision, examine content includes function of active ingredient content, moisture, proportion, flash point, boiling point, emulsification to wait.

3, balata kind. Include natural balata, natural emulsion, smoke to change film and standard glue to wait, law of check proved recipe is after arriving, undertake sampling according to the regulation, after making appearance, to examining sample undertakes chemical analysis and physics determine, make assess.

4, plastic kind. Include polyethylene, polypropylene, pvc and polyester to wait, examine content has exterior configuration, colour and lustre, granularity, density, hardness, impact strength and volatile to wait.

5, oil and product. Include oil of crude oil, benzine, kerosene, derv, fuel, lube to wait, they are undertaken by trade supervision orgnaization mostly from check, examine individually the project is lacked detect technically when equipment, examine by the client or entrust scientific research branch to examine.
6, industrial chemicals. Include lead of caustic soda, oxidation, cast aside, amine of the acyl inside phenol and oneself. Examine content basically is dot of purity, burnish, moisture, fineness, dissolve, impurity.

7, balmy oil and sweet thing. Include oil of laurel of field mint crude oil and vegetable oil, menthol, fragrant balm, Hui oil, Huang Zhang oil and oil of white camphor tree, examine content has the index of colour and lustre of composition content, appearance, aroma, refraction, quantity that contain alcohol to wait.

8, use vegetable oil. Include oil of oil of fish oil of oil of flocks and herds, fine, linseed oil, palm oil, Lai, soya-bean oil, cocoa and coconut oil to wait, yao content has colour and lustre, diaphaneity, odour to wait.

9, cosmetic kind. Include the perfume, cosmetic that protect skin and beautify hair protect hair cosmetic to wait, examine content is content of aroma, colour and lustre, definition, moisture and volatile, active other people etc, have full-dress container even examine.

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