In card futures: Shanghai glue dish in drop stop weak force not to change

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Comment on: Glue of Zhou San day answer dish hind did not appear fill go up prices, leave high however low go, brunt in Feburary agreement dish in drop for a time wear 5 days all line, although have,rebound afternoon, but end dish again fall after a rise, the newspaper receives 290.1 yen, dropped 6.5 yen, predict 290 yen still have repeatedly; Shanghai glue continued of Zhou Er drop situation, and drop situation quickly, brunt agreement 0901 dishes in be in more for long drop the position that park, end dish get fuel oil (4312, 101, 2.40% , ) wait for what commodity rebounds to drive open stop board, loath recover 20000 yuan, the newspaper closes 20040, drop 545 yuan, on the technology 5 days all the line forms pressure line again, dish metaphase price also is achieved those who went out to adjust is new low, each all the line still is in downtrend, predict to drop situation still will continue; Spot price of main area home approachs 23000 yuan, but clinch a deal as before delicate, indication market hopes according to former appearance atmosphere is strong, car sales volume decreased compared to the same period August is 6 years since first, early days of international crude price considerably fall after a rise and the desire that domestic gas price did not reduce as before, the trend that benzine goes up not to drop only brings certain influence to accurate car consumer, predict this kind of situation still will continue, suffer this effect, domestic balata (19880, - 230, - 1.14% , ) consumption puts delay also is inevitable, after adding crude oil to rebound to 110 dollars successive 3 days of callbacks, later period whether appear again rebound to still do not decide at present, if the capital helping city of 700 billion carries out the United States,do not pass, or cause the market again rebound, integration analysis, predicting Shanghai glue is in 20000 yuan to still have repeatedly, but metaphase Shanghai glue still can maintain do empty train of thought. Spot market, in oak net # of SCR5 of 24 days of natural balata hangs out his shingle all valence 23222 yuan, continue fall after a rise, but still do not have clinch a deal; Southeast Asia balata advocate the effect that price yield a country suffers crude oil to rebound considerably is firm in have litre, glue of date of RSS3 of 23 days of Thailand quotes 96.8 peaceful an ancient unit of weight, keep balance, indonesian SIR20 quotes 285.5 cent, keep balance, malaysia SMR20 quotes 287.95 cent, rise 2.5 cent.

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