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In methanol long-dated trade limitation of breed executive provisionality sells a measure. The personage inside course of study points out, price of futures of methanol of near future home is fluctuant and acuteness, shanghai oil bourse trades to control whole risk, to methanol in long-dated trade breed takes afore-mentioned step. Methanol regards chemical foundation as the product, this measure will safeguard market of whole chemical industry to trade the stability that reachs the price.

Shanghai oil bourse decides, since October 14, 2008, to methanol in long-dated trade breed adopts provisionality limitation to sell a measure: Trade system of long-dated in Shanghai oil bourse over-the-counter trading sells business in giving methanol long-dated merchandise on hand, must trade to Shanghai oil bourse hand in receive a ministry to refer methanol of Shanghai oil bourse to register a storehouse odd, continue to allow to trade at the same time business undertakes selling going out cession trading.

Introduce according to chief of Shanghai oil exchange, grow in intensity as international banking crisis, international money market is acuteness and turbulent, commodity price also drops substantially. After the National Day, home price of each big exchange commodity falls continuously stop, accumulated huge risk, investor is disastrous. Money dispatch expresses Xiang Shihua of Chen Chaoze of researcher of galactic futures research center, price of futures of methanol of near future home also lets value of other heavy goods acuteness wave motion, shanghai oil bourse is eliminate market panic mood, restrain excessive speculation to trade behavior, control is whole market risk and make sure the market is reasonable and long development, to methanol in long-dated trading breed adopts provisionality “ to be restricted to make for nothing ” , in order to restrain the unusual wave motion of methanol price.
As we have learned, regard chemical foundation as the methanol of the product, 85% above are produced from oil, home is produced per year can be in about 1, 8 million tons, trafficker amount is as high as 100 thousand, have good market base. Shanghai oil bourse rolled out methanol formally on December 7, 2007 in long-dated trade breed appears on the market trade. Chen Chaoze points out, shanghai oil bourse is the main room that domestic methanol futures trades, in prospective methanol long-dated trade all the more expands and will mature, “ is restricted to make for nothing ” will stable price, promote the progress with steady health of market of whole chemical industry further.

The analyst is afraid, be restricted to make the country after ” other for nothing in methanol “ whether can futures breed also be faced with provisionality limitation to sell a measure. Chen Chaoze expresses, whether does other futures breed also carry out “ to be restricted to make ” main also for nothing depend on the fluctuant extent of the price, if wave motion is bigger,also do not eliminate to continue to adopt “ to be restricted to make for nothing ” . In addition, chen Chaoze still emphasizes, oil of stable home fuel and chemical product value also are oil of domestic finished product the premise that price mechanism reform publishs and foundation.
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