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Define: Alcohol radical liquid fuel is it is main raw material with cheap thick methanol, a kind of clean liquid fuel that becomes via giving birth to chemical combination by specific technology. Often can press next storing in normal temperature, carry, use, need not memory of high-pressured steel bottle, usable and common metal or plastic container store. But traditional alcohol base fuel calorific value is low, have 5300 kilocalorie only / KG left and right sides, short of makes a fire the requirement that cook, and bad news is measured big, the standard of short of range oil, without apparent economic benefits; next, liquid fuel stability differs alcohol radical, easy volatilize, everybody knows methanol is a kind of flammability industrial chemicals that volatilizes very easily, it can turn into 64 degrees by the liquid in temperature flammability vapour, cause explosion extremely easily in narrow airless environment, although comparing capacious space to also can make a person inspiratory the methanol vapour of excessive, bring about personnel methanol toxic, blindness, produce explosion extremely easily also in carriage process. Because volatilize,keep in storage also is met and decrease. Because this must solve the quantity of heat of alcohol radical fuel and stability. .
My company with great concentration studies, before 2 years we develop an alcohol radical successfully already liquid fuel adds hot stabilizing agent, it not only very good settlement alcohol radical calorific value is insufficient, with generous history problem, the calorific value; that joins 2——5% to be able to raise alcohol radical 1/3 to control and, it solved alcohol radical fuel to be not stabilized first, easy volatilize, insecure problem,
The product examines through national environmental protection the branch detects, use through 2 years of much pilot promotion, its specifications and safe index accord with the requirement of civil fuel, it is a kind of ideal green fuel, get the welcome of the user! It is in the tradition alcohol radical fuel improves complex green the sources of energy, its calorific value is as high as 8300 kilocalorie above, accord with the standard of range oil completely, stability is wonderful, volatilize very small, keep in storage, carry, use special security.

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