380# fuel is oily

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Define: Respectable client, welcome you call in. This department sells heavy oil of 250# of GB low sulfur for a long time, low sulfur residuum, oily oar, 180# fuel is oily, 7# fuel is oily, fuel of low sulfur 380# is oily, weigh carbon, heavy fragrant, mixture aromatic hydrocarbon, kerosene, splitting decomposition tar, carbon 9, carbon 5, solvent naphtha, if you need to bring report (13824899378 Li Sheng) , we will provide considerate service for you wholeheartedly. This department wishs to develop hand in hand with broad client, achieve happiness in all tomorrow!
Contact fashion company name: Luxuriant name city is numerous limited company of benefit chemical industry
Contact: Li Yilong mobile phone: 13809769610
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Mail: Lylong666@163.com network address:
Detailed address: The road austral brilliance of luxuriant name city 39 postcodes: 525000

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