Strengthen derv price to superintend Daqing city to execute daily of derv market

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Dispatch of world oil net: Bureau of Daqing city price is given out strengthen derv price to superintend urgent announcement, since yesterday Daqing city implements system of daily of derv market value, prices branch will everyday gas station of 24 hours of go on a tour of inspection, the baleful corner Ju Ji that key examination exceeds normal reserve, wait for one's chance forces up price and derv of fraudulent buying and selling, covert rise in price wait for behavior.

According to the requirement of the announcement, various prices branch will is opposite since this day value of this market of derv of area under administration implements daily system, have go on a tour of inspection uninterruptedly to each gas station everyday, begin nonsked nightly go on a tour of inspection, general holidays day is uninterrupted also. If derv price is fluctuant, will be in report local government and city price bureau for a short while.

Prices branch will increase the examination of markets of pair of Daqing city derv, key examination is concoctive, dispersed rise in price information, exceed corner of ill will of normal inventory level to rank the conduct that strange, wait for one's chance forces up price; Key examination exceeds a country to stipulate retail prices sells the behavior of derv; Key examination entrusts the behavior of derv of fraudulent buying and selling such as derv of carry out of illicit of oil refining enterprise and shortage amount, price adscititious price covert rise in price behavior. Prices branch still has the examination oil not to sell by day, sell high price and impure and adulterate irregularity behavior in the evening.

Wu Hongbin of director of bureau of Daqing city price says, henceforth period of time, branch of whole town price will finished product oil especially derv price is superintended as current first job, in order to uphold order of normal derv market, protect masses interest, violate act to the price of discovery, will from heavy from fast give punishment, absolutely not appeasement is indulged, the value with abominable to property, greater influence violates a case to want to give stoutly exposure.

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