The breed of fuel oil is characteristic

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Fuel oil also makes heavy oil, residual oil, it is black Brown and ropy shape to be able to light a liquid, viscosity moderate, fuel performance is good, calorific amount is large. Use at boiler fuel, pulverization sex is good, fuel is complete, carbon deposit and ash are little, caustic small. Flash point is higher, memory and use safer.

Fuel oil is one of the finished product oil that crude oil refine gives, use extensively at furnace of shipping boiler fuel, heating furnace fuel, metallurgy and fuel of other industry furnace. Fuel oil is main by petrolic cracking incomplete residuum and residuum of incomplete of straight heat up in a steamer are made, its characteristic is viscosity big, contain the compound that be not hydrocarbon, colloid, bitumen to pledge much. Main technique index has fuel oil viscosity, contain sulfur content, flash point, water, ash content, with mechanical impurity.

1, viscosity: Viscosity is the function index with fuel the mainest oil, it is to differentiate the main basis of fuel oily grade. It is the magnanimity of pair of fluidity impedance ability, the easy fluidity that its size indicates fuel is oily, easy pump sends the stand or fall of gender and easy pulverization function. Home is at present more commonly used is viscosity of 40 ℃ motion (cent of heat up in a steamer fuel is oily) with viscosity of 100 ℃ motion (residual model fuel is oily) . The fuel oily occupation standard that our country goes uses viscosity of favour family name (80 ℃ , 100 ℃ ) dominate index as quality, with 80 ℃ athletic viscosity differentiates brand. Oil tastes the ratio that athletic viscosity is the dynamical viscosity that oil tastes and density. The unit of athletic viscosity is Stokes, namely Situokesi, abbreviation this. It is 1 berth when the dynamical viscosity of the fluid, the dynamical viscosity when density is 1g/cm3 is 1 Situokesi. CST is the abbreviate of Centistockes, means li this, namely 1 1% Situokesi's.

2, contain sulfur content. Exorbitant meeting causes the sulfur content in fuel oil metallic equipment is corroded and the environment is polluted. The basis contains the on any account of sulfur content, fuel oil can differentiate for tall sulfur, medium sulfur and oil of low sulfur fuel.

3, flash point. It is the target that involves use security, flash point crosses small conference to bring ablaze hidden trouble.

4, moisture. The existence of moisture can affect the condensation point of fuel oil, increase as water content, the condensation point of fuel oil rises gradually. In addition, moisture still can affect the burning behavior with fuel mechanical oil, may cause flameout of the chamber of a stove or furnace, stop the accident such as furnace.

5, ash content. Ash content is the rest after combustion cannot flaming part, especially after oil of catalytic cracking loop and oily oar mix into enter fuel oil, powder of silicon aluminous activator can make pump, a powerful person wears away quickly. Additional, ash content still can be enclothed go up in boiler heating surface, make diathermancy addle.
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