The main use of fuel oil

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The main kind that oil of our country fuel consumes is heat in order to burn give priority to, a few at making gas raw material using, have stronger managing and replace latent capacity. In the meantime, natural resources of our country coal is more substantial, productivity of a lot of large collieries is developed not adequately. Look from condition of our country oil, industrial the in part that oil takes oil consumption, among them fuel oil is occupied again industrial oily 35 % , accordingly, our country decreases industrial oily heavy name a person for a particular job is put in fuel oil to replace a field, it is to alleviate the efficient way that consumption of our country oil grows too quickly.

According to statistic of national statistic bureau, oil of our country fuel is consumed basically is to use as burn oil, main concentration is generating electricity, traffic is carried, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industrial wait for an industry. Among them the dosage of power industry is the biggest, occupy the 32 % that consume gross; It is petrifaction industry next, basically use at the fuel of chemical fertilizer raw material and petrifaction enterprise, occupy the 25 % that consume gross; The 3rd it is traffic carriage industry, basically be shipping fuel, occupy the 22 % that consume gross; In recent years demand increases most is building materials and light industrial industry (include the production enterprise) such as plate glass, glass service, building and life pottery and porcelain, occupy the 14 % that consume gross; The fuel oil of steely branch consumes the proportion that holds total consumption to be 7 % left and right sides

The main use of oil of each industry fuel is as follows:

Consumption basically uses the fuel oil of power industry at two respects: It is fuel generates electricity, heat addition aircrew, the 2 ignition that are coal fired aircrew, support combustion and light firmly with oil. Although machine of the fuel in whole power industry assembles aircraft capacity to have 17 million kilowatt only, occupy the 5.7 % of whole installed capacity only, but the fuel oily consumption that used up 32 % however.

The fuel oil of petro-chemical industry uses what basically be power plant of provide for oneself to generate electricity, technology of production of heating of oil field life, refinery uses production of factory of hot, fertilizer to use raw material and fuel and production of other chemical industry.

The fuel oil that building materials industry drains basically uses glass of Yu Ping board and the production that build wholesome pottery and porcelain, rise as what product quality asks, high-grade product production will change one part to natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas stage by stage for fuel.

The fuel oil that steely industry consumes basically is used at power plant of heating furnace, provide for oneself to generate electricity the respect such as heat addition and fireproof material.
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