General situation of international fuel oily market

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World oil natural resources distributings

The world already ascertain crude reserves is 1.2 trillion pails, 70% concentration are in middle east area, it is extremely lopsided that world oil distributings, only the recoverable reserves that middle east area occupies 68 % , the others is ordinal for America, Africa, Russia and Asia-Pacific area, occupy respectively 14 % , 7 % , 4.8 % and 4.27 % .

The pattern of supply and demand of fuel oil

Supply a respect to look, beyond area of the Russia before each district of nearly 3 years of whole worlds, fuel oil is supplied show downtrend, the rate that drops with North America among them is the rapiddest. World fuel oily supply was 601 million tons 2002, relatively on year reduce 12.05 million tons, decrease compared to the same period 1.96% . Oil of North America fuel is supplied relatively on year dropped 7.36 million tons.

As a result of before Russia area has achieved economic growth several years continuously, and industry of main support energy is pulled move, because fuel oil supplies area of the Russia before this to rise considerably in recent years, oil of fuel of area of the Russia before 2002 is supplied relatively on year grew 6.18 million tons.

Since 2000, year after year of world fuel oily demand drops, average and annual drop about 14 million tons. America mainland slow down in demand is most clear. World fuel oily consumption made an appointment with 548 million tons 2002, than going up year reduce 14.2 million tons, drop compared to the same period 2.5% . Among them North America slow down in demand 9.83 million tons, south-American slow down in demand 6.09 million tons; And Western Europe demand increases 4.09 million tons; Other area demand shows downtrend, but drop speed somewhat slow down.

Will integratedly look, world fuel oily supply exceeds demand. World fuel oil was supplied 2002 superfluous 53.46 million tons, but look from the area evenly, asia-Pacific and North America demand are in short supply, need to be imported in great quantities from other area; Russia, Latin America is mixed before middle east area has older fuel oil superfluous.

Breach of Asia-Pacific area demand was as high as 31.27 million tons 2002; North America because slow down in demand is faster, breach is reduced gradually, had reduced 2.57 million tons of 2002 from 11.97 million tons of 2000. Russia, Latin America is mixed before middle east area has bigger fuel capability is offerred outside oil, among them before Russia area was as high as 41.19 million tons for ability outside fuel oil 2002, middle east and Latin America also have 20 million tons of class respectively outside offer capability.

State of supply and demand of world fuel oily market (10 thousand tons)

The world is supplied 2000 2001 2002

North America 5168 5380 4644

Latin America 7050 7170 7133

Western Europe 11451 11297 11105
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