Domestic fuel oily market

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Domestic oil natural resources distributings

Reserves of ascertain of oil of the China end 1996 makes an appointment with 3.287 billion T, house world the 9th. Resource of countrywide oil gas evaluated the basis 1993, china is onshore wear deposit basin gross area to make an appointment with 5.5 million Km2 with coastal mainland, oil total natural resources measures 94 billion T. Countrywide cent contains oil gas area for 6: The eastpart part, basically include northeast and China north area; Mid, basically include short for Shaanxi Province, pleasant, peace and Sichuan area; Western, basically include Xinjiang, Qinghai and Gansu Province western area; The south, include revive, short for Zhejiang Province, Anhui, Fujian, another name for Guangdong Province, Hunan, another name for Jiangxi Province, another name for Yunnan Province, Guizhou, laurel 10 provinces area; Tibetan area, include Kunlun mountain chain with south, traverse mountain range with the area on the west; Maritime oiliness enrages an area, include southeast littoral mainland wearing and Nanhai maritime space.

The pattern of supply and demand of fuel oil

Oil of our country fuel is main by Chinese oil and Chinese petrifaction company of two big groups is produced, a few is production of local refine factory. Countrywide fuel fat yield was 20.04 million tons 2003, fat yield of fuel of company of two big groups 14.75 million tons, hold countrywide total output 70% the left and right sides. From fuel oil region of crude place of production looks, present the state that the area centers apparently. The crop of Huadong and northeast area is more than other area far.

The supply in fuel oily resource in gross, homebred resource and entrance resource are occupied each about 50% . Arrive from 1994 2001, capacity of treatment of crude oil of industry of our country petrifaction rises 127 million tons from 1994 reach 190 million tons of 2001, grow 63 million tons; The corresponding period, fuel fat yield falls from 29.1 million tons of 1994 reach 18.4 million tons of 2001, reduce 10.7 million tons, commodity fuel oil falls by 22.46 million tons reach 13.31 million tons, reduce 9.15 million tons; Factory of additionally square small temper with fire and other resource make an appointment with 6 million tons. The main reason that causes oily reduction in production of our country fuel and petrifaction industry rise treatment depth, adjust product structure, implementation enterprise benefit is the greatest change the policy that adjusts energy consumption with the country to concern. Year of consumption with our country at present oily fuel be in 44 million tons, import a quantity to be controlled for 23 million tons among them.

Because homebred resource year after year decreases, oil of our country fuel is supplied more and more count an import, at present fuel oil already was become except the entrance amount is the largest petroleum products beyond crude oil. At present approval of department of foreign trade of our country classics has fuel oil to import the enterprise of right of administration to share 55, these enterprises can pursue the import business of fuel oil directly. The major fuel oil that our country imports comes from the country such as Korea, Russia, Singapore, 81.1% what occupied the whole nation to import an amount from the fuel oil that afore-mentioned the Three Kingdomses import 2001. Oil of tall sulfur fuel is occupied about in the breed that imports fuel oil 80% , sulfur fuel oil is occupied about in 20% . Notable is, with compared 1994, korea and Russia increase in great quantities to the exit of our country, already parted by what occupy oil of our country fuel to import an amount 18.6% and 7.2% rise 2001 52.0% with 15.8% , and serve as the Singapore fuel oil that basically supplies origin to import amount year after year to decrease all the time, what hold proportion already by 64.6% drop 13.3% 2001. Importing the taxation respect of link, the custom duty that imports fuel oil is 6% , value added tax is 17% , integrated tax rate is 24.02% .
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