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American crude oil

Trade unit:

Futures: Bucket of 1000 beautiful type (42000 gallon)

Period authority: Bourse of commerce of new York of 1 piece of NYMEX() crude contract.

Trade time:

Futures and period authority: In the morning 9: 45 ~ afternoon 3: 10, to contest price time is made public inside field.

Curbstone the electron that passes NYMEX ACCESSSM trades the system undertakes. Zhou Yi began to trade at 4 o'clock afternoon to Zhou Si, morrow ended at 8 o'clock in the morning. Weekday electron trades to began at 7 o'clock afternoon. Afore-mentioned time are new York time.

Trade month:

Futures: 30 consecutive months add long-dated futures to be apart from month of complete a business transaction 36, 48, 60, the 72 agreement with 84 months.

These date include the time that contest value publishs inside field only.

Period authority: 12 consecutive months, add on 18, 24, 36 months with half an year 6 or what was settle accounts cycle in December is long-dated period authority. Quote means:

Futures and period authority: Dollar cent / bucket.

The least value is fluctuant unit:

Futures period counterpoises: $0.01/ bucket ($10/ agreement)

Daily the greatest value is fluctuant:

Futures: The earliest 2 contract month is $15/ bucket ($15000/ agreement) . If press $3.00 of price of before follow-up agreement one day of settle accounts to regard the greatest value as wave motion, criterion the wave motion of the greatest value of the agreement before agreement of after this add rises $6.00 by $3.00.

Period authority: Do not set fluctuant restriction.

Trade finally day:

Futures: Trade 3 before ending the day of the 25th the Gregorian calendar at a month trade the closing quotation time of day, if the 25th day of dispute is workaday, trade will at 25 before 3 before the last weekday trade the closing quotation time of day.

Period authority: 3 weekday before the futures contract maturity that reachs easy Yu Jixiang to answer end.

Complete a business transaction:

With the equipment of FOB bargainor, in the Oklahoma, with coal tub outfit, conduit or other content equipment undertake. Period of complete a business transaction:

All complete a business transaction must be in complete a business transaction month finish inside period of complete a business transaction.

Program of optional choose complete a business transaction (ADP) :

Program of optional choose complete a business transaction applies to the buyer that bourse comes to an agreement and fulfils agreement of month of merchandise on hand finally with be in, bargainor. If buyers and sellers agrees with the conditional complete a business transaction that describes with going up unlike agreement, they can go up in this foundation, apply for the trading terms of their intent to bourse.
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