The natural attribute of fuel oil

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Fuel oil is a kind of finished product oil, use extensively at the power plant to generate electricity, furnace of shipping boiler fuel, heating furnace fuel, metallurgy and fuel of other industry furnace. Fuel oil is main by petrolic cracking incomplete residuum and residuum of incomplete of straight heat up in a steamer are made, its characteristic is viscosity big, contain the compound that be not hydrocarbon, colloid, bitumen to pledge much.
(1) viscosity: Viscosity is the function index with fuel the mainest oil, it is to differentiate the main basis of fuel oily grade. It is the magnanimity of pair of fluidity impedance ability, the Yi Liu gender that its size indicates fuel is oily, easy pump sends the stand or fall of gender and easy pulverization function. Oily to the fuel of tall viscosity, need classics warm-up commonly, make viscosity falls to certain level, enter burner to be in in order to make in nozzle next easily gush comes loose pulverization. Of viscosity determine method, state the method is very much. Be in England viscosity of family name of commonly used thunder (Redwood Viscosity) , the United States surpasses family name viscosity idiomatically (Saybolt Viscosity) , european mainland often uses viscosity of favour family name (Engler Viscosity) , but each country progressively more use athletic viscosity widely (Kinemetic Viscosity) , the accuracy that determines because of its relatively afore-mentioned Zhu Fajun is tall, and sample dosage is little, determine rapid. The conversion between all sorts of viscosity can pass the changeover list that already had made beforehand to be checked normally approximation.
Home is at present more commonly used is 40°C motion viscosity (cent of heat up in a steamer fuel is oily) with 100°C motion viscosity (residual model fuel is oily) . The fuel oily occupation standard that our country goes uses viscosity of favour family name (80°C, 100°C) dominate index as quality, with 80°C athletic viscosity differentiates brand. Oil tastes the ratio that athletic viscosity is the dynamical viscosity that oil tastes and density. The unit of athletic viscosity is Stokes, namely Situokesi, abbreviation this. It is 1 berth when the dynamical viscosity of the fluid, the athletic viscosity when density is 1g/cm3 is 1 Situokesi. CST is the abbreviate of Centistokes, means li this, namely 1 1% Situokesi's.
(2) contain sulfur content: The sulfur content in fuel oil is exorbitant can cause what metallic equipment corrodes to be polluted with the environment. The basis contains the on any account of sulfur content, fuel oil can differentiate for tall sulfur, medium fuel of sulfur, low sulfur is oily. In petrolic outside the de-carbon in constituent, hydrogen, sulfur is the 3rd main constituent, although be on content far under before both, but its content remains a very main index. By how many what contain sulfur content, fuel oil has low sulfur again commonly (LSFO) with tall sulfur (HSFO) cent, former contain sulfur to be in 1% the following, latter is as high as 3.5% normally even 4.5% or above. Still have low candle oil additionally (Low Sulfur Waxy Residual abbreviate LSWR) , the volume that contain candle has high pour point high (be like 40 to 50°C) . What trade in Shanghai futures exchange is oil of tall sulfur fuel (HSFO) .
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