The agio of oil of the fuel in international trade

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The agio of fuel oil includes off shore agio and to bank agio. Be equal to off shore agio to add freight to bank agio. What the agio that inland trade business says commonly points to is to bank agio.

In Asian market, the valuation of fuel oil is base price with market of Singapore general family name (MOPS) , because this is below normal circumstance, the off shore agio of Singapore fuel oil, as supply and demand of resource of merchandise on hand of market of Singapore this locality main area is floating. If Korea, Russia tastes quality because of different situation, goods and each district causes agio somewhat difference.

Of agio litre drop to basically be affected by the following element:

1, the supply demand relations of kinds or types of goods

Supply insecurity when kinds or types of goods, agio rises, drop instead.

2, the character of kinds or types of goods

The oil with good quality of kinds or types of goods tastes agio tall, the oil with poor quality tastes agio low it is negative agio even.

3, the situation of kinds or types of goods

Agio and oil taste manufacturing situation to concern, but Zhou Shi also is along with market level change. With respect to ordinary natural resources tight situation falls and character, the agio that the agio of Korea fuel oil is Singapore fuel oil about adds 5 dollars / ton, the agio that the agio of Russia fuel oil is Singapore fuel oil about adds 8~10 dollar / ton; And bank, Iran mixes the United States on the west after Holand Lu Tedan reachs Singapore market, as oily as the fuel of Singapore agio is about the same.

4, agio also can get the influence of boat freight.

Rise to the freight of Singapore when Europe, middle east or United States, agio rises, drop instead. In addition, boat size, ship structure reachs boat age to also affect freight, say commonly, freight of boat of the aged of large, univalve will be relatively inferior.

5, order goods the relation of accident of amount, date of delivery and buyers and sellers also can affect contract agio.

Popularly says, the agio of long-term contract approves delivery contract agio under sheet.

In actual commerce, buyers and sellers will be integrated all sorts of agio that decide every contract because of always.

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