Volume of crude oil import reduced Japan compared to the same period August 3.3%

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Reported on September 25 according to news agency of American Peng rich, because temperature reduced cooler summer,the fuel of utility company uses quantity and record-breaking steam the fuel demand that oil price case reduced the person that drive, accordingly, the import volume of the crude oil August and liquefied natural gas compares Japan respectively the corresponding period decreased last year 3.3% with 2.1% . Say in a report that Japanese Ministry of finance publishs in Tokyo today, the 3rd old oil of world consumes a country Japan imported crude oil of 20.34 million kiloliter or average day to import about 4.13 million pails of crude oil August, than 2007 the volume of crude oil import of the corresponding period decreased 3.3% . In addition, the volume of import of liquefied natural gas August reduced Japan compared to the same period 2.1% , reduced 5.71 million tons.

Be said according to union of Japanese power company, the temperature with big smaller August town of Tokyo and other makes the electricenergy production of company of 10 regional utility of Japanese decreased 5.4% , such, crude oil and the demand with oily fuel also are compared the corresponding period decreased last year 14% .

Because new York business hands in the oil price of place to was maintained August,be in above of every pails of 110 dollars, accordingly, japan increased compared to the same period with the charge at entrance crude oil and liquefied natural gas August 64% , reached 1.87 trillion yen (17.6 billion dollar) .

Coal import volume increased Japan compared to the same period August 2.8% , achieved 17.1 million tons.

August, high oil price brought about gas retail prices of Japan to reach record-breaking level, make the person that drive reduce the expenditure that is used at purchasing fuel thereby, and August is Japanese home drives swimming height oneself normally.

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