Electric car market is 2010 a favourable turn? Be still the crisis?

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The what one says during a conversation that general deputy total RobertLutz said plant of American the biggest car last year in January, a mighty uproar is caused in American car market. He expresses general Xue Folan Volt is in the motor-car of report of the form that plug phone that predicts to roll out the bottom can appear on the market smoothly 2010. One language is knocked decided term, also the whole world of shake replaces fuel car market to with a buzz make sound.

As a result of Lutz at that time is 2007 car of North America international is exhibited in make a statement, because this somebody thinks,this deadline should be “ hopes to be more than actual state ” . Among them the plan of research and development of the lithium battery that the mainest reason is at that time, still have space of several years from mature phase. But after thinking of two years, general still do not correct oneself, hold to Xue Folan Volt to be able to be rolled out smoothly 2010. Not only such, the car market analyst that endorses such views still is absent a few.

Visit other car plant again the “ progress ” before 2010. Ford already inserted two Ecape electric type oily electric car to give smoothly south company of California Edison power is used. Bureau of the sources of energy of the United States when June also receives Ford Escape to insert oily electric car of fuel of electric type flexibility. Although have not mass-produced, but already developed booked test as scheduled really. In addition, feng Tian also plans to be in motor-car of report of the mass-produced 2010 form that plug phone, and cooperate with big company have a test.

Day produces a respect to also be arranged likewise electric car was rolled out 2010, whether be although cannot be informed at present, section of car of the type that plug phone. 2010 will be a turning point it seems that, but turn improve bad, however have no way is informed. It is whether oil price can be maintained above all rank the state that does not leave high, whether can be car plant rolled out again additional measure of favourable form a complete set, or have a government from by assistance, help increase customer of electric to inserting electric type car accept degree.

Of course, power company at the appointed time whether those who deal with increase sharply charge demand also is one of obstacles that need overcomes. 2010 is a favourable turn of car market or crisis after all, before the obstacle has not keep clear of, experience what have a blurred vision with the person really absently.

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