International oil price drops split 80 dollars again pressure of delay China rel

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International oil price drops 10 days defeat 80 dollar col, to that day when closing quotation, the price of futures of light qualitative crude that the Comex delivered the goods November drops 8. 89 dollar, close at every pails 77. 7 dollar, achieve those who give 13 months to come is new low.

Analytic personage thinks, international oil price drops considerably, reflected global finance on one hand what queasy aggravate investor faces decline to world economy is anxious, on the other hand, it is good that to China relevant industry brings profit, the posture that makes domestic energy resources nervous gets certain level alleviates, but prospective home company rises the sources of energy efficiency and energy-saving fall bad news still shoulder heavy responsibilities.

Money market confidence still is in drop, whole is in wait-and-see situation

From this a week that reached 10 days on October 6, international oil price is acuteness concussion, go up drop nearly 10 dollar. 6 days, the crude oil of the Comex trades as Euramerican stock market drop generally and encounter a large number of undersell, close under every pails of 88 dollar, although 7 days small rebound, but since 8 days rapid fall after a rise comes 90 dollar is the following, and drop to 10 days 77 dollar.

Why does predestined relationship of international oil price drop continuously? Chinese oil university is industrial and commercial Wang Zhen of vice director of research center of strategy of the sources of energy of administrative prexy, China thinks, still basically be the market right at present financial situation not very value. Actually, operation of multilateral inside this comprehensive ball limits combination answers the act of financial crisis to come on stage one after another, cloth of beautiful couplet Chu Xuan establishs special fund to buy company debt; Operation of combination of main Central Bank reduces the west interest rate; Tone deposit reserve is led below decision of Chinese Central Bank and put loan standard interest rate, but a series of measure still difficult give up investor pessimism anticipates. On the other hand, to the afraid aggravate of petroleum slow down in demand, market nominal was held very big windward.

Wang Zhen expresses, from oil price go situation look, oil price drops splitting 80 dollar is line of a psychology only, do not have the difference of essential sex. According to computative, 2008 world crude oil all valence should be every pails of 80 dollar. Even if is such, 80 dollar still attributes higher price.

It is good that oil price drops to bring a lot of profit to domestic relevant industry

The personage inside course of study thinks, international oil price drops to be brought to domestic company mix directly indirect two sides effect. Immediate impact depends on petrifaction industry above all, among them the mainest income just turns treatment company for oil refine. According to concerning a material, 2008 first quarter, since petrifaction industry appears from 2001 first profit drops, and the main factor that deficit of whole of oil refining industry becomes profit of entire industry of be a burden on to glide.
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