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3 Asias trade oil price of international of period of time drops continuously, be close to Asian market to receive city, futures of Euramerican crude oil had steeped fall 4 dollars. However the message says beautiful couplet store Central Bank of associated whole world lowers interest rate, before data of American oil reserve is announced, international oil price rebounds for a time, but in reserve data benefit empty action falls, oil price turns again drop. Futures of international crude oil dish in drop to come to 10 months lowermost price. New York business hands in futures of place crude oil to be in early dish when touch of every pails of 86.05 dollars dish in low, this was on December 6, 2007 the minimum price since. But committee is laid in in American federal (Federal Reserve, central Bank of abbreviation Fed) , Europe (European Central Bank) and Yu Zhousan of other and main Central Bank are early announce to decrease breath hind together, crude oil futures from dish in low rebounds. The monetary policy committee members of Fed vote reduces interest rate of federal fund goal 50 base point, to 1.5% . But when forecasting an orgnaization to reduce economy to anticipate in succession, decrease breath act to fail to appease concerned crude market to worry about those who glide.

Exchange of futures of commodity of the new York when Zhou San closing quotation gets Kesasi on the west light oil November futures every pails of 88.95 dollars, day trades to drop before comparing 1.11 dollars, trade interval 86.05-90.99 dollar; London intercontinental bourse Bulunte crude oil in November futures every pails of 84.36 dollars, day trades to drop before comparing 0.3 dollars, trade interval 81.00-85.60 dollar.

The financial industry crisis that the United States appears may affect the whole world, each country Central Bank reduces interest rate keep within limits together the global market of unprecedented is at present turbulent. After Australia takes the lead in lowering interest rate, zhou Sanmei east time morning, namely Beijing time evening, american federal lays in council to combine the whole world attune of other Central Bank falls index interest rate, american index federal fund interest rate reduces 0.5 percent. Lower interest at the same time still have European Central Bank, England Central Bank, Switzerland Central Bank, Canada Central Bank and Swedish Central Bank. Chinese Central Bank announces to reduce deposit definitely kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB leads 0.5 percent; Reduce a year period the RMB puts loan standard interest rate each 0.27 percent, management board of Hong Kong banking announces will standard interest rate reduces 100 base point.

Because hurricane imports a quantity to increase after in the past, although rate of refinery start working rises substantially, but compare with historical the corresponding period inferior still, statistic of American energy department shows, end when Zhou Meiguo crude oil stock rose 8.1 million pails on October 3, rise to historical the corresponding period average level upside. Meanwhile, american benzine stock rises 7.2 million pails, but still under historical the corresponding period average level.
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