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Supply demand relations once more dominant oil price or fall after a rise come d

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Capital of international market spec falls in the case that inflicts heavy losses on, the possibility that vitality renews in half an year is dinky, metaphase of price of the sources of energy times of dominant of regain supply demand relations. Accordingly, hopeful of price of crude oil period falls to every pails of 55 dollars - the industrial capital of 75 dollars makes the same score concussion of Taichun wide cut and seek prop up.

Above all, the element with influence commodity the basiccest value still is supply demand relations. Come since 1986 2003, international crude price basically is inside the price interval of dollar of every pails of 15-40 fluctuant, during although thalassic war causes crude price,fluctuate quickly, but equilibrium of supply and demand still is on whole. International oil price starts from 229 dollars in last few years, supply demand relations is prime cause. 3 years since, OPEC crude oil is produced can glide brought about main area to offer benefit of supply demand relations much possibility in incident of desultory politics, climate, nice element causes these profit directly international industry capital reachs pair of strong fund to swarm into crude option market in great quantities, push price of futures of tall crude oil to gain profit from which. When international crude oil rises in price, capacity of development of oil gas of Ou Peike each country and petroliferous volume rise ceaselessly below interest drive, of each country of Europe admire gram produce can the level all rises somewhat, the interest good factor of supply demand relations turns gradually for neuter element.

Next, the mainest factor that affects international energy spurt in prices is force of powerful international capital seize a chance to seek private gain. After the element that analysed respect of energy supply and demand, can discover rely on the ” of problem of supply and demand with long-term and in short supply “ only or “ is short-term and faint supply and demand is lopsided ” , bring about international crude oil impossibly period value is short-term inside soare quickly, of its price rising for a long time should be slow. And the estimation that carries congenial to international power, we very see this oil price is short-term clearly the international capital that the factor with soare the mainest depends on later period heading in order to be opposite to fund contends for photograph angle. Statistic shows, two kinds of force are in investment seize a chance to seek private gain 5 years - orderly 7 years in July ground enters international crude market, but after this, total capital volume poises and begin to glide, reached 77 dollars in July at 7 years fitly / every pails, appeared the watershed that total capital glides. And in came 8 years 7 years in July subsequently in July a year in rising, total capital did not appear inside the market too big change, and the congenial force amid that heads to pouring fund is fluctuant and unusual, congenial fund cash basically is reflected in short-term pass in and out frequent in, and the element such as a series of ground fringe politics, weather acclaims have the aid of considerably push tall oil price. Below the condition of of no use of total capital power, the means that congenial force acclaims through wave band type makes price of futures of international crude oil be in a year short time breaks up one times to 150 dollars every pails around.
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