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Save city to plan discretion of market of thick as hail crude to react

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Last week, drop in commodity market sound, below the big context that ignores 700 billion dollar of American to save city to plan, the price of crude oil futures that new York delivered the goods in December is defeated repeatedly 90 dollars and 80 dollars col of two big psychology, this month 10 days achieve 77.28 dollars nearly one year new low, drive price of numerous heavy goods to spread out the big diving prices of a soul-stirring.

Grow in intensity in financial crisis, when market confidence breaks down nearly, euro area 15 congress give heavy fist to save money market once more with the United States, passed eventually include to note endowment assure with debt the bank that waits for content inside comes to help plan, add up to of European each country predicts to will reach 2 trillion dollar to the capital of money market infuse. Couplet is in the beauty store acceptance does not have what upper limit provides dollar exchange to assist below, area of England, euro and Swiss Central Bank all announce, will not set upper limit to offer dollar financing to the financial orgnaization of respective home henceforth, aim to stabilize the short-term financing market that still is critical.

So fierce medicine upset money market strongly eventually, each country point to appeared to go up breathtakingly almost in Zhou Yi, price of crude oil period takes advantage of a favorable situation returned 80 dollars upper part, the key that at present people pays close attention to is, the 80 interval to 90 dollars whether the region of place of safety that makes international oil price.

Review the prices of fall after a rise of epicycle oil price, need those who demand conquer goods to avoid to what oil plants uses up danger effect, what make trend of dominant crude price afresh is true shove a hand. Department of American energy news (EIA) predict, the four seasons spent demand of American crude oil 2008 relatively on year the corresponding period drops 1.6%(33 10 thousand pails / day) , reach 20.25 million pails / day; Right 2009 relatively amplitude of demand of day of oil of whole world of the current year beforehand appraise, the value continued to reduce 140 thousand pails to reach 1 million pails 86.92 once upon a time / day. And supplying a side, EIA was reduced to be not country of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries the crude oil 2009 yields growth anticipates, from now on before 890 thousand pails when anticipate / the world attune reachs 730 thousand pails / day; OPEC at the same time the four seasons lives petroliferous anticipate reduce by 3.283 million pails reach 3.244 million pails.

The factor that becomes much hope props up to basically come from two respects on the market at present: It is advocate reduction of output yield a country, the 2 wave motion that are a dollar. An investigation that near future of general family name announces shows, europe admire overcomes 13 members country the crude oil day September all crop is 32.47 million pails, relatively dropped August 340 thousand pails, mirror those who give Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Angola yield to drop. However, reduction of output anticipates just confirm of demand serious and fatigued and weak. Will see a dollar next, dollar index has developed 83 upper part at present, the whole that props up its near future to take money of strong dollar of main factor dispute devalues. Go out continuously in American government action answer second when borrowing the crisis, other country just begins to face the concussion that its last however, this is why demand of energy of “ developing country says ” to be abandoned by market place at present. Of oil price rise to be afraid from the angle of the dollar cannot get too much support motivation.
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