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The whole world saves weak force of city international crude oil to change hard

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For quits day the financial crisis of beneficial aggravate gives global economy brought impact, around is beautiful on October 8 couplet store, what European Central Bank combined Central Bank of world each country to have without precedent in history is urgent decrease in coordination breath, this one urgent the determination that decreased breath act to show the whole world coordinates the operation. As a result of,do not pass of market confidence be short of badly break, the uncertainty that congenial capital leaves field and economic prospect in great quantities, market discretion, we think near future of international crude oil still is in in Xiong Fu, oil price will fall to be given priority to all right with weak force concussion, rebound strength is finite, have drop split 80 dollars / the likelihood of the bucket.

Help city short-term carry hard brace up crude oil demand
Although the United States adopted the plan helping city of 700 billion dollar finally on October 5, but as a result of time defer, the market suspects a manner to saving city this to plan to hold, global stock market, period city continues to steep fall. Face this kind of situation, beautiful couplet store, European Central Bank, include England, Canada, Sweden and Swiss Central Bank jointly inside 6 big Central Banks reduce standard interest rate hand in hand half percent, at the same time area of China, Hong Kong and Australian Central Bank also announce to decrease alone after Zhou Sanxian breath. Although theoretic decrease breath conduce to reduce leasehold cost, add market liquidity, but global couplet sleeves lower interest to also show degree of global economy aggravation is serious, below the circumstance that shorts badly in market confidence, whether is the bank willing to raise loan suspectable.

International Monetary Fund also expresses in Zhou San, global economy foreground already worsened significantly, the financial crisis that predicts to diffuse ceaselessly will bring about a few to develop economic system is immersed in decline. IMF predicts at present, global economy amplitude was only 2008 3.9% , should organize what released July to anticipate amplitude is 4.1% . IMF is returned will global economy growth anticipated 2009 by 3.9% reduce to 3% , for the lowermost level since 2002, be in the critical point of the global economic depression that IMF defines.

Of global economy glide to had begun to show to the inhibition of crude oil demand, demand of average July petroleum is the United States nineteen million four hundred and twelve thousand pails / day, relatively on year the corresponding period drops 6.4% , for in May 2003 since the portion a month of lowest; Petroleum demand reduced 1.17 million pails compared to the same period June / day, fall compared to the same period for 5.6% . EIA of American energy department is newest the oil plants reserve that announce increases considerably, up to became on October 3, increase sharply of inventory of American commerce crude oil reachs 302.6 million pails 8.1 million pails; American benzine inventory increases 7.2 million pails to reach 186.8 million pails, field of amplitude far supermarket predicts. In the meantime, the United States car sales volume dropped considerably once more September, general, Ford, Feng Tian and this cropland car sales volume dropped compared to the same period respectively in September 16% , 35% , 32% with 24% . Of American car sales volume glide considerably will constitute immediate pressure to crude oil demand.
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