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Financial storm assaults market confidence again foundation of sound of queasy c

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Respect of international crude oil: This month international oil price considerably oscillation, price centre of gravity continues to move. Respect of supply and demand, although authoritative orgnaization continues to reduce demand growth to anticipate, but because OPEC decided pare September crop, at the same time as a result of oil price drop make partial tigidity demand strong. Again area of together with beautiful bay gets continuously hurricane harrass, stock of benzine of your United States falls to historical nadir. So short-term in light of, state of global supply and demand is not hopeful, have the possibility with close hasten.

The panicky mood that American banking crisis creates becomes influence market to take the main factor of situation. The massive plan that help city will pass predicting United States finally, should meet so carry brace up market confidence. It is for this one level, after oil price drops ceaselessly through early days, should meet have the process with a firm look forward to, the space that continues to drop considerably again becomes limited.
Additional, beautiful couplet store the massive plan that help city is carried brace up market confidence. So the dollar goes situation is short-term prop up stronger, this forms suppress to commodity price. Fund maintains a warehouse respect, after oil price is close to 90 dollars a gleam of, congenial bull appeared the clear trend adding a storehouse with scarce near future, this will make 90 dollars are become prop up more by force.

American stock near future drops as a result of the influence of hurricane very fast, but because the panic of financial crisis makes his finite to the strength propping up of the market. After eliminating to be stabilized temporarily in money market, what this interest much factor is known by the market afresh is likely. So, after the oil price inside the month experienced sound foundation to rebound, the kinetic energy that its continue to drop is in decrescent. The market found the “ that is a center with 100 dollars to nod ” evenly temporarily, and already the means of oscillation will await new way how-to.

Can say, if financial crisis gains proper control, not before crisis of translate into economy, oil price lower part 90 prop up with 85 dollars very will strong. In the meantime, did not restore in money market oil price also does not have unilateral to take the requirement that raise before stability. So, oscillation will still last. Short-term makings will check 90 dollars to prop up again. At present obstruction of upper part of NYMEX oil price in 110 dollars and 120 dollars a gleam of; Lower part is propped up be in respectively 90 with 85 dollars around.

Respect of fuel oily market: September, international crude price affects oscillation aggravate because of financial crisis, price whole continues to move. Singapore fuel is oily (information, prices) the price because before arrive the amount is small, and be in demand busy season, relatively fight drop. But enter after September, the price goes low considerably below the premise that loses crude oil to prop up, drop the biggest when nearly 30 % . Later period is medium in October the last ten-day of a month, singapore market supplies a state to be able to improve somewhat, and the biggest demand country Chinese demand height also goes gradually. So hopeful makes inventory restores, form certain suppress action to the price.
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