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Weekly of southwest the sources of energy

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Should use what word the crude oil that will describe this week goes situation, not, should say global commodity market? To market bull should be “ day is cracked dyingly, ” of on the verge of death or destruction, and to nominal it is huge rock of “ phoenix Nie, achieve beautiful accomplishment ” repeatedly. We consider the prices of this week international crude oil back and forth: After announcing the 700 billion plan that help city is passed last weekend, diving of this price of crude of international of Zhou Yi open quotation drops greatly, explain investor loses confidence completely already to commodity bull city. 5 trade in a few days to only this Zhou Er price rebounds a little, other 4 days are average 3%-4% drop. Business of new York of final Zhou Wu hands in place to pledge price of settle accounts of futures of low sulfur crude oil falls gently in November defeat 80 dollars col, to every pails of 77.7 dollars, drop achieve 10.3% , achieve 13 months are the most low-level since September 10, 2007. As economy growth appears global put delay, situation of oil market demand is faced with serious menace, arrange of the sources of energy of Zhou Wuguo time will quantity of growth of demand of crude oil day was reduced 2009 near 40% , reach 700 thousand pails. This message more drama the panicky atmosphere of the market, market bull person also cannot wait for prices again rebound, this agreement with finish medium on the weekend hand, lest cause may bigger loss. Because market information serves orgnaization DTN senior analyst to still say, if global economy does not have any anabiosising the word of evidence, predicting oil price will issue explore 55-60 dollar / bucket level.

This week Qi Jiang of 3 6 big Central Banks ceases 50 base point, international crude price rebounded merely that day, but affected investor very quickly to the mood of whole economy haze, price of 3 last crude still receives this week low, this specification lowers interest this to still did not restore the confidence of market personage jointly. From April 2007 room of new century of portion United States borrows a company to apply for to go bankrupt begin, by second the first round of finance that borrows crisis place to cause is queasy pull open prelusive. Then 10 big house property of complete August last year beauty mortgage one of finance company firm of investment of loan of American housing mortgage applies for formally to go bankrupt to the court protection, 4 short two large houses borrow a company to go bankrupt in the month make beautiful couplet store must begin to lower interest periodic. Lowered interest for the first time on September 18 from last year up to now year on January 30, altogether lowers interest 5 times continuously, interest rate of American federal fund from 5.28% to 3% , and oil price of international of 5 months time from 100 dollars poured near 80 dollars; After that, each delivered the money newspaper that published on 100 million deficit all right greatly Feburary this year, add on 5 cast greatly one of travel Beiersideng is bought, american money market was greeted by second borrow the 2nd round of caused crisis. Beautiful March this year couplet store not only discount from 3.5% drop to 3.25% , and still reduce federal interest rate at the same time 75 base point come 2.25% , a month is less than time beautiful couplet store lower interest again to 2% , decrease the perch that ceases to push oil price to nearly 150 dollars twice this substantially; After oil price of the international at the beginning of July achieves historical perch, immediately afterwards two rooms of American “ ” is take-overed by the government, this also is marking triple wave that borrows the crisis begin. But, as a result of the pressure of high inflation, beautiful couplet store discuss news conference a few times after April to go up to keep interest rate in 2% . And international oil price also rushed to drop all the way to perch hind on July 11, up to this international crude price already fell to the level at the beginning of last year on the weekend.
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