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In Ruijin be in harmony: International oil price drops defeat 80 Shanghai fuel t

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International oil price drops defeat 80 Shanghai fuel to drop situation is bad stop

Occupy international Energy Agency 10 days to release a report to point out, suffer world banking crisis to make economic activity serious the influence that put delay, growth of global petroleum demand may drop to come to 15 years this year lowermost level, the amplitude 2009 may be likewise low fan depressed. In report of newest monthly oil market, IMF will be right the amplitude of consumption of world oil day anticipates this year reduce come to be only 0.5% , namely 400 thousand pails, for the lowermost level that came 1993. The amplitude 2009 also may have trifling only 0.8% .

International crude oil is in just about demand gradually of fall after a rise dozen pressure below, the price falls again, agreement of month of 10 days of late NYMEX11 falls to since last year October lowest.

Oil price issues what defeat worries most considerably is petroliferous country, and the minister represents OPEC member state last week, will be on guard through reduction of output oil price development glides, will hold urgent meeting in Vienna on November 18, in order to discuss the effect of financial crisis.

But Braun also is in British premier express for a short while, international the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (the " that OPEC) drops to make reduction of output decide because of oil price merely is " mistake. What be worth a consideration additionally is reduction of output whether stable oil price is suspectable still, gram of lunar Europe admire announces reduction of output on 520 thousand pails, but still fail to turn round oil price to drop situation.

Be in at present face global banking crisis, each country Central Bank hold a memorial ceremony for gave lash-up measure, in the whole world multilateral Central Bank decreases breath hind to drive risk preference is small to pick up for a time jointly last week, but the confidence of investor still exceeding low fan.

Because this not little analyst thinks, main Central Bank will decrease the whole world very quickly once more breath. The market predicts, the Central Bank that moves the most quickly to lower interest once more may include beautiful couplet all, British Central Bank, Australia Central Bank, Europe Central Bank.

Michelle Meyer of Ba Kelai economist is considering to also point out in the report, central Bank bold and resolute decreases the act of breath to will not end at this point, beautiful couplet store continue the likelihood to be decreased considerably breath.

Beautiful couplet store will in October 28-29 day is held discuss news conference, accordingly this is worth everybody to pay close attention to mainly, lower interest to see economic improving effect impossibly immediately of course, but this can let everybody see a government after all is to be determined to want to let the market walk out of predicament, additionally the fall after a rise of the dollar will be brought to oil price prop up certainly. Short-term lower part pays close attention to 80 - the strength propping up of 70 dollars region, at the same time the attention may appear super- drop rebound.
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