Beg buy fuel oil

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Norms / brand: M100 producing area / manufacturing company: Do not be restricted
Amount: Do not be restricted the price: Report is discussed
Period of efficacy comes: 2008-10-18 15:21:00
Define: The company is begged in great quantities now buy the petro-chemical raw material such as fuel oil, residuum, oily oar, crude oil. Every months at least each 20 thousand tons, hope manufacturer gets in touch with us as soon as possible, thank! Hope we can have permanent collaboration!
The company is in of municipal government support energetically below, 200 thousand tons of bitumen that invest 210 million yuan (the solid bitumen of all sorts of norms, liquid bitumen) ” of garden of industry of project “ Zhen Hua has been built finish, complete is formal in October 2006 put into production, unit presence contacts business related the welcome.
Contact fashion company name: Limited company of Zhen Hua chemical industry of green state city
Contact: Sun Anwei mobile phone: 13606470981
Phone: 86-536-3281293, 3291918 faxes: 86-536-3291613
Mail: Sd262500@163.com network address: Www.sdzhhg.com
Detailed address: 8 happy event of city of green state of Chinese Shandong province east road 2728 postcodes:

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