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Period of efficacy comes: 2008-10-18 15:21:00
Define: The bitumen industry garden that chemical industry of Zhen Hua of green administrative division invests 210 million yuan is already successful put into production, the company begs in great quantities now buy: Does aluminous τ of Qu of  of lowing ⒔ of good  of Xian of lowing ⒓ of Q good  steal alkyne  two?
Hope distribute manufacturer and we get in touch, open the way that we cooperate this!
Our connection means: 13606367828 Sun Anbao (general manager)
Contact fashion company name: Limited company of Zhen Hua chemical industry of green state city
Contact: Sun Anwei mobile phone: 13606470981
Phone: 86-536-3281293, 3291918 faxes: 86-536-3291613
Mail: Sd262500@163.com

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